100W LED High Bay lights for Warehouse Lighting

100W Led High Bay lights for warehouse Lighting, Modern warehouse, using our manufacturing Led High Bay lights , can save 80% per year in electricity costs , and generate less heat , saving the cost of air conditioning , LED High Bay lights last longer , reaching 50,000 hours .The energy savings, long life, and easy-to-install design of the factory luminaire make it the smart choice for commercial and municipal garage applications. It is designed to meet or exceed recommended illuminance criteria when installed as a direct replacement of most HID lamp luminaires. For businesses that serve customers at night, providing patrons with safe, well-lit, welcoming places to park can provide a competitive advantage. Replacing traditional parking lot lights with energy-efficient, Light Emitting Diode (Led) lights can provide significant energy and cost savings, as well as a short payback period on the equipment investment.

If you need to light a large indoor space like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, factories, and big-box retail stores, chances are you’re going to choose high bay lighting. 100W Led High Bay Lights fixtures are usually used in spaces with ceiling heights higher than 15-20 feet. While low bay fixtures are used when ceiling heights are lower than 20 feet. The lighting in these spaces usually needs to cover a lot of vertical space as well as horizontal and therefore needs fixtures that produce a very bright Lumen output. Many low bay and high bay light fixtures are designed to produce a diffused light to help reduce glare. High bay and low bay fixtures are typically suspension mounted using chains or hooks, but they may also have the option of being surface mounted depending on the fixture.

For our Led outdoor lighting & Led industrial lighting, we provide the best solution in the market with Philips Leds MeanWell Led drivers to ensure its long lifespan. CE, RoHS, FCC, TUV, SAA, UL Certificated, ISO9001 International management system. Our LED High bay lights with 3 or 5 years guarantee. We have IP65 waterproof 150W Led High Bay Lights also. We can OEM your own brand Led high bay lights. 3 years warranty with SOSEN Led driver, Epi-star LED chips.